Life 04/23/14

My days have been getting better and better. I putting this here because I have to get this out since no one wants to listen. I just feel as though I want people to feel bad for me but in reality I just want a hug.

My sister had a miscarriage about a week ago and my dog died 2 days ago. My dog had been around since I was a kid and now I’m 18 so he’s been with me for a while. I knew his day had come when I walked out to the back and saw him laying there on the ground still. As I carried him out I heard my nephew start crying and then my niece. I didn’t cry but felt my stomach hurt. I forgot what happened but I could still hear my nephew saying, “This is a nightmare This is a nightmare” over and over again in my mind.

Now its the 23rd and I just found out my teacher is getting fired after she almost broke down in front of me and my 2 friends who were sitting with her in the back of class. I knew her for 4 years now and when I heard that not only shes getting fired but every other teacher that teached some sort of art was also getting fired too, I just felt tired. I knew alot of the art teachers and had always had the funniest times in there class or just hanging out with them. It just sucked because I couldn’t do anything like for my dog and my sisters baby.

Life just sucks right now. I’m so confused all the time and I don’t feel like eating anymore. I just wanna cry but I can’t for some reason.

I don’t know anymore.

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Somewhere quiet where I can hear the wind blow.